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Real-time MRI of Breathing

Non-invasive MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) techniques provide unique insights into the structure, metabolism, and function of intact living organisms. Real-time MRI Examples.

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Reframing birth trauma

The cells in our body have expectations for how our births will unfold. This programming supersedes the intelligence of our thinking mind. This is lower brain stem, death vs survival type of stuff. In the birth world we call this process of instinctual birth,...

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Subtle ways in which trauma affects your life

You might have heard it before: breath is essential for our well-being. Unfortunately, unless they have experienced ‘breathwork’, most people would say: Yeah, I know how to breathe, not even fathoming the possibility of the profound healing that can happen within a...

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The Subtle Ways that Trauma Affects Your Life

Trauma is such a big word. Most people think of war, accidents, violence, and big life-changing tragedies. And for sure those events are traumatic for most people. But for the most part, trauma is a subtle and insidious part of our everyday life. Insidious because we...

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